Natural Forces Can Cause Governments to Collapse

For centuries, homo sapiens have distinguished themselves from all the other species in the animal kingdom.  However, how different are we from everything else?  The people and their governments are affected by the forces of nature in the same ways that animals are.

Due to the uniform way food is produced in developed countries, there isn’t much biological diversity in the foods we eat.  Animals are bred to have a specific outcome.  Only certain plants are desired on farms.  Because of this, if there were a disease or environmental condition that were to target our food supply, most of the cows or eggs or wheat could be devastated.

The way things are now, worldwide soil erosion has caused farmers to abandon acres of land.  Volcanic eruptions have caused temperatures to drop in some areas of the world, which can cause crop failures.  Diseases, such as the mad cow disease, have caused countless animals to be killed in order to prevent the disease from spreading.  With a growing number of new diseases,  it is possible that there will be a decrease in the food supply.

Just like other creatures in the world, our way of life could collapse if something happened to our food supply.  The people would be displeased and there could be a revolt.  Similarly, animals would detect weakness in their leader and someone else would try to take over.

Sometimes, there are other natural disasters that can destroy a government.  For example, hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes are known for their destructive power.  Hurricane Katrina had killed at least 1,800 people and had cost an estimated total of $81 billion in property damage.  Such extraordinary damage causes people to reevaluate the area in which they live and some may choose to move elsewhere.  If a government cannot find a solution to these problems, the government will collapse. (page 49)

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1 Response to Natural Forces Can Cause Governments to Collapse

  1. samuelv1908 says:

    The government allocates specific funds to natural disaster relief. However, if the disaster is too grand, and the funds are exhausted, the government will need to tap into other sources. If done too often, this too can lead to a collapse.

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