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Benefits of Fuel Cells:

Fuel cells are efficient: They convert hydrogen and oxygen gases into electricity and water. There is no combustion required in the process; which means that it is 50-60% efficient. That’s double the efficiency of an internal combustion engine! Fuel cells … Continue reading

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Obstacles that Fuel Cells Need to Overcome:

Fuel cells must be accepted over a mass market: This acceptance depends on price, reliability, longevity of fuel cells and the accessibility and cost of fuel.  Fuel cells must be mass produced using less expensive material. An infrastructure for the … Continue reading

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Fuel cells Need Hydrogen; Where Will it Come From?

            In order for the fuel cell to be environmentally friendly the choice as to the method that will be used to produce the hydrogen is very critical. If the hydrogen is produced from the electrolysis … Continue reading

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Cell Voltage and Efficiency of Fuel cells: Is the fuel cell reliable?

If the fuel cell was perfect at transferring chemical energy into electrical energy then the cell voltage of the hydrogen fuel cell would be 1.23 V at 25° C and 1 atmosphere. However, as the fuel cell begins to operate … Continue reading

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The Rocking Chair Battery (Lithium Ion Battery)

Electricity generated from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar energy provides a huge potential for meeting energy demands of the future. Electrical energy storage devices therefore are very critical for effectively leveling the cyclic nature of renewable energy … Continue reading

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What has Shale Oil done for North Dakota?

Ever since they started drilling shale oil and gas in North Dakota the unemployment rate has dropped to less than 1%. However before the boom the population was dropping and there were not as many promises for that state. Now … Continue reading

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Our New Energy Source? Shale Oil and Gas

In a world where the demands of energy has been increasing steadily; there has been multiple improvements in technology to provide us with resources to meet these demands. Two recently improved technological improvements are: hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. Hydraulic … Continue reading

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